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“Whether you are faced with a difficult decision regarding a pregnancy, or simply need an annual gynecological exam”

Abortion clinic in Pretoria

Womens clinic in Pretoria

Abortion clinic in Pretoria | Womens Clinic in Johannesburg Women’s Clinic in Pretoria Are you looking for a Women’s Clinic in Ptretoria we are the leading Abortion clinic in Pretoria and Women’s clinic in Johannesburg. We offer surgical and medical abortion services in the major cities of south Africa like Polokwane,  Bloemfontein, Kimberly, Cape Town   , Western Cape,Durban   , KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg   , Soweto   , Gauteng ,Pretoria   ,Port Elizabeth   , Eastern Cape, Pietermaritzburg   , KwaZulu-Natal , Benoni  ,Tembisa   , East London   , Eastern Cape among others.

Are you looking for a Womens clinic in Johannesburg or Womens clinic in Pretoria?  We are the ultimate provider of quality abortion services in south Africa and we deliver abortion pills to all destinations in south Africa. Call us now on.

Our counselors will counsel you and help you in making the right decision when making an abortion and this is your ultimate right .

Tswane womens clinic is a leading privately women’s health, reproductive health and family planning facility with branches all over South Africa. Our main goal is to provide the best services to all people seeking safe sameday abortion and Termination of pregnancy in South Africa then we are here to help you achieve this goal for you.

If  you are pregnant, it is prudent to get abortion as quick as possible so as to mitigate the effects of a late abortion service and we offer the best abortion services at Tshwane Women’s clinic in Pretoria and this can be done at the comfort of your home .

Abortion clinic in Johannesburg 

Womens clinic in Johannesburg

Termination of Pregnancy in Pretoria

Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Abortion Clinic in Johannesburg

Are you pregnant? Are you considering an abortion? You are in the right place we offer you Quality Abortion Services in South Africa with multiple branches in the country like Johannesburg, Centurion, and Mamelodi.

We give you the best termination of pregnancy both medically and surgically in a safe clinic environment with Qualifies doctors. We also deliver the termination pills on demand to the clients.

Are you having many Questions? Contact us and we shall counsel you and get you relaxed in a very short time. Unplanned pregnancies are not new and 1  in 3 women have once decide to terminate a pregnancy in their lifetime so there is no need to worry a lot over this you are not alone.

Our professionals have been providing this quality service for many years working in the public and the private hospitals making our services the most reliable in South Africa.

Contact us to get the best abortion services in South Africa in a friendly environment.

We mainly offer abortions surgically and medically by use of abortion pills and this is the option that is taken by most. You will talk to our practitioner who will advise you on the best abortion option to take in our facility and this is mainly dependent on the client’s trimesters of pregnancy.

Womens Clinic Pretoria

Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Abortion in Pretoria

womens clinic Pretoria is a registered Women’s offering women’s reproduction   and sexual problems, Gynecological services, pregnancy care, and legal termination of pregnancy.

If you’re seeking abortion we will offer you the best service in the comfort of our clinic or your residence.

We provide our services with at most confidentiality after counseling you on the best course of action you should take because sometimes abortion will affect your relationship with your spouse that is if you have not discussed it together and this counseling focuses on your relationships, pregnancy, self-esteem, grief, and abortion.

Unplanned pregnancies especially when you have some goals to achieve before you make a family is one of the reasons why people take on this option call us to have a counseling session if you are going through these kinds of challenges and more .

Pregnancy especially that is unplanned causes lots of emotions like anxiety and this is where we as the professionals come in to help you in this situation to help you calm down during this period of your life and it’s advisable to seek advice and counseling as soon as possible and the sooner this is done the better because of the consequences of a late termination of pregnancy.

It’s also important that the decision you always make is the best for you and not to please  your partner, family  and friends  and its understandable when you are going through this phase in your life not to be able to  talk to those closest to you like friends and family because you are scared of not  getting emotional support from them , if you are going through this please contact us for counseling that can really help you and our Counseling in our facility is free if you sign up for our services at the women’s clinic.

You can as well  pay for stand-alone counseling if you are going through a lot in this time of your life if you are not interested in  same-day confidential medical abortion.

Womens Clinic Johannesburg Women’s Clinic in Pretoria We offer termination of pregnancy using abortion pills and surgically too and this can be accessed in our clinic and these services are safe and pain free and are medically approved. We as well provide free checkups after abortion and we as well offer free womb cleaning after your abortion  to ensure  that you don’t get any complications that sometimes crop up after abortion.

Other pills and services you can access from our facility are morning after pills, day after pills,  pregnancy termination pills, and pills for STI /STD

Our doctors are qualifies and have great reputation and experience to give these services in south Africa .

A great number of terminations of pregnancy service seekers feel greatly relieved after having our   abortion services using the abortion pills and this decision of whether to take an abortion must be made exclusively by you.

is abortion Legal in south Africa ?

 Abortion in South Africa is legal and we offer you safe legal medical and surgical procedure if you are considering a termination you are in the right place Tswane women’s clinic in Pretoria will give you the best abortion services that are pain free at the friendly environment by our doctors.

Abortion is not the solution to a pregnancy if you are pregnancy you can choose giving your baby for adoption after birth if you are not prepared to be a fulltime parent because of the challenges that come with it.

If you think you might be pregnant because of unprotected sex we are here we shall carry out tests before we take the next step of carrying out an abortion procedure in a compassionate, discreet and non-judgmental environment.

Where do I buy abortion pills?

Where do I buy abortion pills?

This is one of the questions that many people have when pregnant, we can deliver them to your residence with our mobile services or you can find us at our womens clinics branches throughout south Africa.

Tshwane Women Clinic offers abortion for the first, second, and late trimester abortions we also offer day after pills, abortion pill, morning after pill and family planning pills.

Our  facilities missions is to provide all women  seeking  high quality abortion care  at amazing rates at amazing rates. We also carryout pregnancy confirmation tests to ascertain the quick courses of action to take if you are pregnant and you are not ready to have a baby.

Our abortions are quick, safe and pain free with everyone happy with the outcomes of the procedures and our professional are non-judgmental, and confidential in nature when providing you our services.


We where established in  2006,  Tshwane Women Center have shared one common goal: to provide women with confidential, dignified and compassionate abortion and reproductive health care. We strive to be at the forefront of excellence and service in women’s healthcare.

Information and counseling about all pregnancy options is offered free of charge, in a confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere

Abortion In Our World
Your health depends on your involvement in policy! Get to know how policy affects your health care here.

Other Services 
Tshwane Women Center now offers low-cost emergency contraception for purchase!  Click on Other Services to learn more.  In the near future, TWC will also be offering low-cost pregnancy testing, ultrasound exams, and birth control counseling.

Every day Women  who plan for their lives choose abortion so as not to Disorganise their plans.  We Every day care for  Womens Bodies and hearts. When you Visit our Clinic Come here, bring only love.

Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Women's Clinic in PretoriaWomen’s Clinic in Pretoria once you arrive at the clinic, we will complete your admission process and review your records. After that, your vital signs will be assessed and preoperative medications will be given.

You will receive a mild tranquilizer at or Women’s Clinic in Pretoria as we begin your procedure and medication to relieve the cramps. When you are in the operating room, your doctor will perform a pelvic examination and then give your local anesthesia. This medicine is very similar to the medicine used by dentists to numb the area.

Women's Clinic in PretoriaThe uterus is emptied by gentle suction, which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. Some patients experience cramps similar to menstrual cramps. For most women, the cramps they will receive are mild to moderate and only last a few minutes.

After a miscarriage, you will rest in our recovery area as long as necessary. Afterwards, the recovery room staff will be discharged from the hospital with your driver and provide follow-up care instructions and any medication follow-up care. Birmingham provides the following abortion services:

Abortion pills (pharmaceutical abortion) Pre- and post-abortion education clinic patients’ abortion follow-up examinations as needed Referral to other sedation options for abortion services (medicine to make abortion more comfortable) Book your ABortion in Women’s Clinic in Pretoria Today

Here is what you need to know about abortion services at the health center at this time:

Abortion pill (drug abortion) abortion pill (drug) abortion) at the beginning of your last menstrual period Available within 11 weeks and 0 days. If your last menstrual period lasted more than 11 weeks and 0 days, please read about our abortion services at the clinic below.

Service is by appointment only. You need to follow up within 1 to 2 weeks to ensure that your miscarriage is completed and you are in good health. In case you are still pregnant, you may need to take another dose of medication or perform an abortion at the clinic to terminate the pregnancy.

After seeing your abortion pill, you will need to get phone calls, transportation, and medical services. In-Clinic Abortion Provides in-clinic abortions up to 12 weeks and 0 days after the start of the last menstrual period.

If your last menstrual period was after 12 weeks and 0 days, we can still help you. Call us for a list of recommended health care providers offering other abortion services in your area. Abortion in the clinic can only be done by appointment. If you need medication to help make abortions in your clinic more comfortable, you must have a responsible escort.

If you have asthma, please bring an inhaler. Other information about abortion services Do not take your child to the health center.

During your visit, you may get the following information: Pregnancy test have the opportunity to discuss all your options with trained staff: abortion, adoption and parenting with your healthcare provider regarding your health history laboratory testing/blood The test is conducted in dialogue a.

Pelvic ultrasound examination medications make abortion more comfortable. If you are Rh-negative antibiotics or other medications, you must return in 1-2 weeks and 0 days for follow-up examinations. We can arrange with you during your visit. Sometimes, there may be protesters outside the medical center. We recommend that you avoid interacting with them. The health center provides companions who accompany you to make appointments.

On the day of your scheduled abortion

  • You may take light breakfast in the Morning , if you feel like eating that morning
  • Plan to be here between 4-6 hours
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring a light cover up or sweater
  • Bring or wear socks
  • Wear underwear or panties that can hold a  menstrual pad.

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